Burwood based electrical company, Eel Electrics are one of the Melbourne’s largest electrical businesses.

Offering a plethora of services you can be guaranteed that Eel Electrics will be able to provide you with any service you require for your home or business. Whether you are looking for services in repairs and installation, switchboard and safety operations or looking to wire up a new home, Eel Electrics can help!

In addition to this, the company’s 24/7 emergency support is a premium service that is hard to find. If you are stuck in Burwood without power or in a sticky situation, Eel Electrians can be at your door within the hour. The company’s efficient service has received rave reviews and is one of the largest growing electrical businesses in the eastern suburbs.

Eel Electrics have raised the benchmark in terms of service and can offer you a service that is sustainable and won’t cost too much money.

The company are renowned for being one of Melbourne’s premier electrical contracting businesses and are looking to expand their business across the state to cater to everyone’s requests. If you are looking for an efficient service that delivers sustainable and quick results contact Eels Electrics today!


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